MICHAEL + NEV [text: Nev; images: Douglas Despres]

I am not a fan of trite expressions, but I must say we truly are honored to know, be friends, collaborate and share unforgettable experiences with so many great people who live in the Bay Area (oh yeah, just about our favorite Area too — but how much we love NoCal is a separate topic on which I can write for very long). 

In August, we went on one of our regular SoCal—NoCal road trips, for work and pleasure. This time, we met someone really special. Doug and Katherine

This creative, talented and such a nice couple lives in Alameda. Together, they are Helios Images — they “create documentary inspired photographs full of warmth and love”. 

Over engaging topics and delicious coffee, Doug captured our genuine smiles and emotions. 

Next time we visit Doug and Kat, they will be on the other side of the camera. 

Doug, thank you for this beautiful present. 

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