It’s our great pleasure to have you here!

So, let’s introduce ourselves. We are Michael and Nev - together we proudly manage our family photography business Michael Bezman Photography. 

Traveling across the world has given Michael the perfect opportunity to practice photography and express his style, a style that is perfectly mirrored in photos taken on the streets of Sidney, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, New York and San Francisco, among others. Street Photography laid a perfect foundation for Michael, as he was documenting people in their most natural human condition. When Michael moved to California what once was a passion grew into business. 

On the other side of the world, Nev was busy with acquiring knowledge of business and management. Nev made her way to California about the same time Michael did. She went on to additionally earn Master’s Degree, getting a solid ground for managing a business. 

Now, our expertise compliment each other so that customers and friends of Michael Bezman Photography receive the absolute best product and service we form together. 


Michael’s responsibility is to document the moments of your gathering in his style, which clients often refer to as documentary/photojournalistic. That means his main goal is to capture interesting human interactions while blending naturally in his surroundings so that you get the truest documenting experience. Additionally, each and every image will go through extensive unique editing process that will (usually) end with a home-made pro grade print. 


In the pre-production process, Nev will give you the customer service you deserve. She will ease all the logistics, scheduling, contracting, invoicing and much more. Once the final product is completed, she will curate an elegant gallery for you and anyone else who would like to seize the opportunity of enjoying beautiful imagery. And since we know there will probably be a great number of people who will choose to enjoy the images on their cell phones, we make sure to create galleries and pages that are both desktop and mobile friendly, and both for portrait and landscape orientations. We promise to generate a gallery of images from your event(s) that will keep you coming back. 


Our Work

Michael Bezman Photography documents various family and friends gatherings. Some of those gathering can be categorized as love (such as Weddings, Engagements and Anniversaries) while others as family (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Showers, Holiday Celebrations, Shabbat Dinners). 

We always say art has no boundaries and Michael enjoys creating it no matter the occasion. Please let us know what form of art mostly interests you or collides with your event and contact us to commence a beautiful collaboration. 

We are proud to be members of Wedding Photojournalist Association and Fearless Photographers.


(Moment captured by our dear friend Douglas Despres.)


 Thank you for contacting us. Currently we reside in Los Angeles, California, but would travel anywhere and everywhere! 

ADDRESS // 771 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90029

EMAIL // info@michaelbezman.com

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