“…to became neighbors and friends instead of journalists. This is the way to make your finest photographs.” – W. Eugene Smith

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What is Wedding Photojournalism?

Wedding Photojournalism is often referred to as Documentary Wedding Photography. Sometimes, it can be thought of as natural, candid, unposed. Those are definitely some of the adjectives to describe Wedding Photojournalism, but at the same time it encompasses so much more. Often times, brides and grooms, as well as their family and friends, are not keen on being photographed + being told what to do during photography time. Additionally, I recognize the importance of preserving the memories you share with your family and friends during that time of your life. My main focus is on being unobtrusive, while capturing people and emotions they share. Part of this discreet experience with me as your wedding photographer includes using compact, silent photography equipment. No flashes, no posing, no clicking sounds to disrupt you from enjoying your wedding day.  

Here are a few examples of Wedding Photojournalism, as seen by me. 

Main Focus

My focus is always on people and their connections, moments and emotions; and not so much on detail shots — such as wedding dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, table setting, food, cake and similar. However, if there is a detail (example: jewelry) which has sentimental value to you/your fiancé’s family then I make sure those details are photographed. (Prior to the wedding I will send a list with few questions that will help me focus on aspects that matter to you the most…) :) 


I strongly believe your wedding day ought to be documented in its entirety, so my standard coverage is all-day. I love to start off as early as you would like, and I am usually the last one to leave the party. :) Or… — if there is an after-party — even better! :) For the most part, all-day coverage tends to be 12 hours long. 

Photo Narrative Slideshow 

I would love to share with you this photo narrative from one of my Spring weddings, which will give you a glimpse of what I strive to create with each and every wedding I am part of.

This was a lovely 4-day wedding in beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Images in this slideshow represent very few moments from the main wedding day. 

The first musical piece in this slideshow was recorded by the bride and groom's super creative friends and performed as a surprise during the ceremony. 

Click here for more info.  

Family Portraiture

For family portraiture I suggest reserving time prior to ceremony (if possible). In case you choose not to see each other before the ceremony (which is always magical!) we will find time right after the ceremony to promptly take those photos so you can go back to your friends and family. In any case, I suggest planning ahead with a list of family portraits so we know how much time to allocate to it. 

The Time Before

Among other services, I offer The Time Before session. (This can be thought of as engagement photography.) I believe engagement is about two lives coming together, to create one history. It’s about documenting you two as a couple, your afternoons which may seem ordinary but stand as pillars of your relationship. It’s about living your life — together — and preserving this phase of life, to be later treasured as the family grows. This is the beginning of your photojournalistic narrative. I would love to share with you Wednesday tradition of one of my couples visiting Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and preparing meals for the week.

Multi-day Coverage 

Majority of my couples also choses to document an event or two preceding (or succeeding) their wedding day. Family Welcome Dinners, Rehearsal Dinners, Day After Brunch... crazy parties that take place a week, a day or 2 before/after the grand event. As families and friends come together to celebrate with you and your fiancé these are great opportunities to document various family gatherings.


A Surprise Bachelor-ette Party

Morning hike + crazy cake fight one day prior to the wedding

Fine Art Print

And now... drum rolls... 🥁 

Printed art work!

I am a strong believer that a photo comes to real existence when transferred from data file to visual, tangible print of any kind, an image you can hold in your hand… And after long debating and lots of try and error I am super happy and (a little) proud :) to introduce my own fine art albums & prints.  I custom, hand-make them: I literally print each image myself on fine art printer using the finest exhibition quality papers and ink available on the market (mainly imported from Germany). I enjoy this process immensely and believe print to be the ultimate representation of your wedding moments. 

I hand craft each album from start to finish, personalizing as many aspects as possible. I love using heavy textured fine art photo paper (which I encourage you to experience fully, not only with your sense of vision, but also touch); then I coat each paper with 3 layers of special coating material — protecting the prints against natural works of time and light; each page is separated with a parchment leaf to additionally secure your images from rubbing against each other; and finally precision cut them. The bonding process involves wrapping the prints with genuine leather or linen (depending on your preferences) and embossing the cover with personalized, meaningful line(s). This hand crafted print product is unique per each couple, and thus I haven’t made two same photo albums. The album comes in two sizes: large (13x14) and small (9x11). Both options include up to 25 pages, being the optimal number considering gsm (density) of the fine art paper. 

Post Production

Post production process of images takes on average 6-8 weeks, even thought I always strive to share them sooner rather than later, as the excitement prevails. :) All the images are post-produced by me personally. Each image goes through digital dark room processing for color and contrast calibration.  Your images will be delivered via two separate online galleries: one for viewing and sharing with family and friends (especially with those who were not able to join you in celebration) — I curate this gallery as a photojournalistic narrative of your wedding day, focusing on events that made it. Your second gallery (complete gallery) will have all the images from the wedding day: from here you will be able to download them all, watermark free. This particular gallery can be downloaded to your phone in a form of an application, which allows you to view your images without searching for the link… fast access at any time. 


Your and your loved ones’ privacy is my top priority: I offer Confidentiality Agreements upon request. I do not share images online prior to you agreeing to it. 🦉

Thank you so so much for viewing. Stay safe and curious... 

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(me with my favorite ever nephew Mr. Tim!!!!) 

Excited to hear from you...!

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