• I see you are located in California, but do you travel and how far to photograph an event? 

Nationwide and worldwide! We love to travel more than anything, especially if for work. We have been to a number of places but will gladly drive or fly to wherever your gathering is happening!

  • How would you best describe your style of photography?

The best way to understand Michael’s style of photography is to refer to our gathering galleries - depending on your event you can get a better understanding of what do expect. For the most part, you and your guests will not feel being photographed. Michael tends to blend with his surrounding and silently capture fleeting moments to be cherished for a long time. In years, when you wish to refresh your memory of your gathering and start flipping pages of the album, the moments will be there, still illuminating the truest emotions.

  • Are we still going to get some staged/group images? 

Yes, per request. Michael aims to take mainly natural images with no posing, but if you want some staged, group images you will get those too. You will let him know in advance how many of those you would like to have so we can coordinate the day appropriately. However, if you are expecting to get MAINLY those types of images then we might not be the best fit… (For a better understanding of Michael’s photography style please refer to our galleries.)

  • Will we meet before our event? 

Absolutely! Even if you feel like you know us after visiting our website, we prefer to meet you in person (if that's not possible then we can Skype) – see how our energies work together, go over any details you feel we need to know (e.g. schedule of the day, names of most relevant guests, etc.) In order for Michael to capture the best at your gathering, it is important that you feel natural and relaxed around him. 

  • How and when are the images being delivered?

You will receive the full package you have previously chosen in 6-8 weeks – guaranteed. That might include digital images, online gallery, prints and/or complete photo album. We will email you all the digital files, or better yet we can meet in person to exchange the package for some feedback. (We get our customers mainly through referral so we thrive on, learn from and appreciate any feedback!) 

  • Will I/we get all the images you took at mine/our event? 

You will get the best images Michael will personally select, edit, color balance and give all the special attention they deserve. Images that were not edited or were simply taken for light testing or set-up will not be delivered. 

  • Are you insured? 

Yes, absolutely. Photography is not only our work and passion, it is our life and we take it very seriously.  We have full liability coverage, fully insured back up equipment, and auto-image back up system. 

  • How do we book you for our gathering?

You can send us an email, message through the website, call or text - whatever your preferred method of communication is. We hope to be available for your special day, but in order to secure the date we require signed Agreement and 30-50% booking fee (depending on event type). 


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