Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography Studio,

Based in Los Angeles, CA

For the past eight years, I have dreamt, created, and refined my vision of the ultimate wedding documentation experience.

I aim to transcend expectations.

For those that look for something truly unique & exceptional.

The Artist

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1986, and nurtured in a household brimming with creativity. 

Growing up, my father, Misha Bezman, shared his wealth of knowledge as a professor at the Theater University, while my mother, Galina Bezman, lent her expertise as a creative art director. 

At the tender age of six, me and my family relocated to Israel, where i spent my formative years immersed in diverse cultural experiences.

Following my military tenure in the Israel Defense Forces as a tank mechanic and military photographer, I resolved to pursue my lifelong passion for photography. I enrolled at Sapir University of fine arts in Israel.

In my photographic journey, I found my true calling amidst the allure of Photojournalism. It all started with a pivotal moment – a university screening of 'War Photographer,' a documentary featuring the iconic James Nachtwey. This cinematic experience ignited an intense passion for documentary, photojournalism, and honest story telling.

Years later, I gravitated towards wedding documentation . Initially, I was disheartened by the staged and contrived nature of traditional wedding photography.

This led me on an alternative journey, merging the timeless traditions of wedding photography with the authenticity of photojournalism.