Michael Bezman is an esteemed photographer and artist, born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1986, his father, Misha Bezman, shared his wealth of knowledge as a professor at the Theater University, while his mother, Galina Bezman, lent her expertise as a creative art director. At the tender age of six, Michael and his family relocated to Israel, where he spent his formative years immersed in diverse cultural experiences.

Following his military tenure in the Israel Defense Forces as a tank mechanic and military photographer, Michael resolved to pursue his lifelong passion for art and photography. He enrolled at Sapir University in Israel, where he dedicated himself to the study of art and photography, expanding his skills and broadening his creative horizons.

In 2012, Michael made a pivotal leap, relocating to the United States, where he embarked on a transformative journey to meld photojournalistic principles with the timeless elegance of classic wedding photography. Over the ensuing 12 years, his vision has undergone a remarkable evolution, resulting in a body of work that seamlessly blends visual allure with emotional resonance.